CodePak Setup Creator is used to create a Library CodePak.

Follow the Steps given below to create a CodePak.

Before staring to Create a CodePak, Please read the Guidelines for submitting the CodePak.

1)Download and Install CodePak Setup Creator.

2)Launch the CodePak.

3)Enter you Name in the Author Text Field.

4)Enter a Short Name of the Library. For example, if I'm building a Sqlite 3.0 Lib then I would use Sqlite3  as the short name.

5)For the Full Name, you can give a descriptive text like Sqlite Embedded Database.

6)Enter the Version Number and Select the Directory where you want to save the Code Pak Setup files.

7)If you want to add the library and header path to the BDS Registry then check the "Add Include and Lib path to BDS Options" checkbox.

8)If you are planning to include the source along with the CodePak, then check the "Include Source with CodePak" checkbox.

9)CodePak has the ability to directly add your custom project to BDS 's New Project Dialog. If you are going to supply a custom project template along with the Library then check the "Add Custom Project File in "New Project Dialog"" checkbox.

10)You need to give more options to the Custom Projects that you want to display the template in the New Dialog Project. You can Click the Add Button to add Specific details of the Project Template.

11)Click the "Generate" Button once you have all the parameters entered. This will create a Inno Setup file and the a bunch of directories that are required for the CodePak.

12)Copy all your Header Files to \Include\<ShortLibraryName>\ and .lib files to \Lib\<ShortLibraryName>\.

13)If you have the Source then copy them to \Source\<ShortLibraryName>.

14)If you have the Custom Project Files then copy then to \Objrepos\Cpp\<ShortLibraryName>\. Make sure you have the correct .ico file and the .bdsproj file.

15)Then Download and installed the latest InnoSetup from .

16)Build the CodePak Executable from the file <ShortLibraryName>_codepak.iss  found in the root directory of the Library's CodePak folder.